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Wayanad is a scenic wonderland of forests, waterfalls, peaks, plantations and paddy fields which offers a pleasant GREEN experience for all visitors. This district of Kerala offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, an insight into tribal culture evocative of earlier centuries, trekking and other adventure activities, and a variety of remote monuments. Being traditionally more or less isolated from the rest of Kerala, the region has a distinctive character of its own.

Wayanad.net, our first website about Wayanad was started in 2003. Wayanad.co.in followed Wayanad.net as a secondary website to cover more areas about Wayanad in e-space.

Wayanad is famous for Robusta coffee, black pepper, tea plantation, paddy fields, cardamom, vanilla and other spices. Wayanad.co.in store is opened in a view to find a market for Wayanadan products in e-commerce sector.

Both Wayanad.net and Wayanad.co.in are powered by Mr.P.J.Sanmathy Raj, Rajmahal, Kolavayal,P.O.Muttil, Wayanad, Kerala, India-673122. Call/Whatsapp 8943387378

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