• Small Honey (Cheruthen)-200 grams

Small Honey (Cheruthen)-200 grams

Pure Organic Small honey/Stingless Bee honey (Cheru-then in Malayalam). This is not normal big honey. Small honey is natural sweetner and can be used as substitute of Sugar in medicinal/food purposes. For patients who can't take sugar, our natural honey is a good sweetener.

For normal honey, visit our Big Honey (Organic) product page. Also we have Medium honey which is Sweet & Sour in taste, having great medicinal value.

Note: Most courier services will not accept Honey for shipping as liquid items are classified in their restricted category. So we may use India Post/Parcel service or some other courier services.

Real honey Vs. Fake Honey

Real honey can be identified in 3 ways.

1) Pour a drop of honey into a piece of news paper. If its easily absorbed by newspaper (like a blotting paper), its fake honey. Real honey will not get spread on newspaper easily.

2) Pour a spoonful of honey into normal drinking water. If its real honey, it will go directly to the bottom of glass. Real honey is more viscous than water.

3) Hold the bottom of honey bottle upside down. If you find a drop of honey in the bottom middle part of the bottle, then its real honey. Fake honey will not stick at the bottom of a bottle. 

Note-Please shift the honey to Glass or Steel jar upon receipt of parcel. For shipping purpose, we may use plastic containers. But it is not recommended to store honey in plastic container.

For other types of processed honey, please visit  Wayanad.net/Shop

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Small Honey (Cheruthen)-200 grams

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